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Fast Track training manual for those interested in International shipping and International trade! Here is the eighty percent you need in order to hit the ground running in one of the worlds most glamorous and highest paid industries.

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Study Shipbroking!


"Shipbroker Fast Track"

You have already read 'Inside Shipbroking' or you have a good understanding of the general shipping industry gained over a few years.

NOW its time to take your understanding to the next level.
Unique express learning technique

The Virtual Shipbroker has developed a ‘Fast Track’ four step plan to learning ship broking essentials and the chartering language - at the same time!

Amongst other things this method includes ‘Essential Concepts’, Virtual Shipbroker Negotiations, and the unique ‘Shipbroker Dialogues’ which is a running dialogue of typical chartering conversations between shipbrokers during the course of a day.

"Here is the 80 percent you need to know in order to hit the ground running. The rest is just details".


In an industry in which the method, ethics, history and folklore has traditionally been passed on by the 'old hands' this book is a great way for a new or aspiring entry to the world of shipbroking to get a invaluable insight into what is often a lifetime profession for those join. The book allows the reader to aquire knowledge which most take years to glean and accumulate. i commend the book and the author to all prospective (and current) shipbrokers and in an age when the written word has been condensed to SMS, MSN, Twitter it is a delight to find someone who has been prepared to take the time to enter into a serious dialogue about shipbroking


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